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Nokia LoS

Case Study:
Line-of-Sight (LoS) surveys to re- establish connections between microwave links


Project Overview:
As part of an outsourced managed service contract with EE (formerly Orange), Nokia has responsibility for the upgrade and continuation of their microwave backhaul network. For
example, providing a new single link, or multiple hops, in the event of a site Notice to Quit (NTQ) or if a diversion is needed as a result of a permanent obstruction to the clear visibility that is essential for connection between the two ends of the link, called line-of-sight (LoS).


Nokia awarded a contract to the vastly experienced Principal Telecom LoS Team to establish that line-of-sight was possible at proposed site locations.  In the event of an obstruction, they provided the location, or route diversion for suitable alternatives.


Working to a Service Level Agreement (SLA), the teams accessed remote sites using 4 x 4 vehicles, MEWPS for streetworks and safe climbing techniques for rooftops and towers across the whole of the UK. They confirmed an individual line-of-sight from both ends of the link with high powered (6 million candle-watt) lamps.


Using high resolution (12 mega-pixels) photographic equipment, panoramic photos were provided at the requested height. Wide angle and zoom pictures to the distant site (from tens of metres away in city centres and up to 40km in rural areas) were included as part of the survey report.


Key Facts:
Client: Nokia
Services covered: Line of Sight Site Surveys
Summary of key works:


  • • Arrange access to site
  • • Book any required specialist access equipment
  • • Prove visibility at preferred installation points
  • • Establish alternatives in the event of obstructions or LoS failure
  • • Compile and submit survey reports

Date: 2014 - ongoing