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Nokia MSV

Case Study:
Multi Skilled Visit (MSV) surveys to establish site requirements


Project Overview:
Mobile Network Operator, O2 (Telefonica), is rolling out its 4G network and upgrading their existing 2G and 3G network in the London area. Whilst O2 has the responsibility of providing the physical (passive) network infrastructure, Nokia, the telecommunications equipment manufacturer is supplying and installing the (active) network equipment. In order to establish the physical and technical solution that meets the requirements of all stakeholders, a Multi Skilled Visit (MSV) survey is carried out.


Nokia called upon Principal Telecom to represent them as ‘Network Implementation Solutions Designer’ on the MSV which also included representatives from the functions of: Acquisition & Planning; Radio Planning; Backhaul Transmission and Construction Design Management Co-ordinator.  The information captured by Principal Telecom during the MSV included:


  • • General site, access and Health & Safety information
  • • Existing Base Transceiver Station (BTS) equipment on site (all technologies)
  • • Current electrical supply, Power Supply Unit (PSU) and earthing
  • • Radio Frequency (RF) solutions
  • • Details of new deployment and site layout/floor plan
  • • Complete photo log


The output of the MSV was Design and Planning drawings for power, Radio Frequency, Telecoms Installation designs, existing site layouts and a proposed new layout. The project involved over 2,000 sites over a 24 month period.


Key Facts:
Client: Nokia
Services covered: Multi Skilled Visit Surveys
Summary of key works:


  • • Attend site survey as part of a multi-skilled team
  • • Audit existing equipment on site
  • • Explore options for new network upgrade deployment
  • • Establish most appropriate physical and technical solution to satisfy the requirements of all stakeholders
  • • Compile and submit survey reports

Date: 2014 - 2016