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Nokia O2 Network Rollout

Case Study:
O2 Roll-out of “Grow The Grid” sites


Project Overview:
Mobile Network Operator O2 is expanding its network, including the integration of Vodafone services (as part of the network sharing agreement, Project Beacon) with new sites in the East of England - a project called “Grow The Grid”.


In order to establish the physical and technical solution for each site a Multi Skilled Visit (MSV) is carried out followed by a design that provides the most value for money and appropriate solution to meet the requirements of all stakeholders. The team produces General Arrangement and Detailed Design drawings, and in the event that planning approval is needed then drawings for this are also produced.


The vastly experienced Principal Telecom build team carry out the required works on sites of various types – from greenfield towers, streetworks solutions and complex installations on building roof tops. The works can include site compounds, new towers and structures, bases for radio equipment cabins/ cabinets, cable management and air conditioning cooling systems. We also provide the electrical power supply and certify to 17th Edition standards and also manage the connection to the local REC/ DNO supply.


The rigging works are then completed in conjunction of the installation of the base station (BTS) equipment. New antennas and feeders are installed for the new technologies and a full system test is carried out including sweep and Passive Intermodulation (PIM) testing is carried out.


There is an initial programme of c.75 sites in the south east of England from south of the River Humber and east of the Midlands.


Key Facts:
Client: Nokia
Services covered: MSV, Design, Civil & Electrical Works, Logistics, Rigging
Summary of key works:


  • • Multi skilled visit (MSV)
  • • Design of the optimum and cost effective new site
  • • Ground works and structure erections
  • • Installation of power supply
  • • Storage and logistics
  • • Installation of new antennas and feeder cables
  • • Full system testing
  • • Handover documentation

Date: 2016 - ongoing